Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a day!

Not exactly how I wanted to spend my summer Monday with the boys, but like i always say things can change quick at the Hill house. I like it better when they change for the better, but today God had different plans for us than what WE had planned. Grayson had been running a low grade fever for a few days so i was concerned that he was catching some kind of junk, so I took him to the doctor and they did a direct admit into the hospital (yuck). So here I sit in a pediatric hospital with my sweet boy wishing they didn't have to poke him, stick him, and give him these big medicines that typically cause diaper rash. I am thankful that he does not have pneumonia, which was the concern when we got here. (I did not think it was that, I thaught it was tummy related and a trach issue)but it's a virus in his lungs and their is no infection in his trach woohoo! The good thing is I am in an actual room now not in the ICU where there is no bathroom in your room and you have to walk forever to get to one. Each time we stay here I just get humbled all over again, it makes you even more greatful for the little and big things in your life. I miss my husband and my kids! Grayson misses them too:) Soon I will post some fun not so serious stuff.

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