Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Updates on Baby G

We are going home from the hosptal today! We have been in here for three days now, which is so much less time than it used to be, but all test that we were waiting on have come back negtive (YEAH) and he is back to his cute lil self, minus some very interesting diapers lol. Lookin forward to some good family time with my hubby and big boys as well as sleeping on a regualr bed. I never enjoy hospital trips, but it is so good for me to see how much our nurses, docs, and respiratory therapists love Grayson and our family. They are very good to us. Last night I asked for prayer from a whole lot of folks, and today we are going home with all tests results in our favor. It can only be a God thing! Prayer works and I believe in miracles because I get to see them on a daily basis with my kids and our life with Grayson. Remember to thank God even in situations that seem like they are too much to handle. More to come later :) gotta pack up this room to go home!!!!

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