Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend plans

So this weekend is Father's Day, and we are celebrating this year at my parents house, which also means packing for a full day with Grayson and all his equipment. This is probably my least favorite thing about getting out of the house with him. The alternative is never geting out of the house which let's face it you can go nuts if you don't get out. I don't think people realize what it takes to take a child out that has physical limitations not to mention a trach or feeding tube. So, here is the list, trach bag(emergency supplies for trach) this goes wherever he is even if its just for a walk around the neighborhood, suction bag for suctioning trach, oxygen tank for when he falls asleep and we are not at home, monitor(measures his oxygen levels and heart rate), then we still have to pack his backpack full of diapers, extra clothes, gtube supplies and food for him, and of course his favorite toys, then his rocking chair (which he can now tump backwards and giggles while mommy is completly freaking out). We have to now baracade him in everything whether it be his chair or whatever because he figures out a way to get out of it or roll off it. Which is kinda funny because our docs didn't think he would ever do much more than lay around with very little movement. Let's just say he kicked out that theory at about six months old. So as you can see it takes a lot to go out for the day. On the other hand, when you have help(husband, 2 big kids aka packmules) it makes it much easier. These guys never complain about carrying his equipment, or packing it the van for me even in the rain, they just do it. I've trained em well(haha). To think I used to complain about having to carry a diaper bag HA! This equipment won't always be a part of him, but for now it is and like any other situation in your life you just simply figure it out. We love him and its what you do :)

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