Friday, June 18, 2010

Good to be Home

When we git home from the hospital you would think that I would need a nap or just need to sit and do nothing, but not so. I suddenly get this burst of energy and can't wait to get things unpacked and definately washed. Anything that has been inside that hospital has be be washed and cleaned. Plus you feel like you need to reclean your own house too. Then there is the pile of phone calls that need to be made, such as calling all of the therapists that you had to cancel for the week because you weren't home, and making the follow up phone calls to the doc's that need to check him to make sure he is recovering properly. Soooooo exciting right??? The best part is when Grayson realizes that he is home and he just looks around a smiles and touches everything around him that he can reach as if he were saying hi to it! It really takes a day or two to get readjusted for all of us. Luke and Will haven't had their mom for a few days and Jay hasn't had his wife, plus we haven't had them with us either. One way I show my love for them is by cookin up somethin yummy. Sooooo mama got to bakin and cookin, baked italian chicken with linguini and lots of cheese, parmesan garlic drop biscuits, salad, and by special request (William) hershey brownies. After a very long sleep deprived week for Grayson and I both its good to be home and back to our normal routine.

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