Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year, new changes

Well the holidays have come and gone and that means a new year with new blessings and changes await! Grayson ages out of his therapy program and starts a preschool program, and we are getting out so much more than we used to. Since now we can travel without him wearing oxygen full time which it makes it so much easier to get in and out of places. I dispise travel oxygen tanks..they are no fun! He is more free to move around and doesn't have the restricions of tubes and cords like he used to. Our next big thing to tackle with him is he has to have an eye surgery, it isn't too bad other than he has to be put to sleep which I hate! But our doctor will place tiny stints into his tear ducts to help them stay open better, apparently his get clogged very easily. He will keep the stints in for 3 weeks and then we get them out and that will take care of it. His little eyes get so junky and they just look like they feel miserable! We also got his new equipment last week, and let me tell ya we need a bigger living room! He is so cute in his new big boy chair and William loves to roll him around the room like a race car..of course Grayson cracks up! The other peice is a stander, which is padded and helps him stand safely so that he can learn to bear weight. I had no idea that people who do not bear weight on their hip joints are more likely to have their joints pop out of socket, so this stander is very important for his joint development. It's crazy to me how much we have learned in just three short(long) years! You can make yourself crazy with all that knowlege. I used to go on all the websites looking up medical information and researching things that I thought would help us, but it really made things worse. I have learned to take each day as it comes, not looking ahead at what may or may not happen works much better for me. Trusting that the Lord will provide his every need makes more since than putting my trust in what the website says. I am not saying that we don't trust our doctors, but we trust God first. I believe that doctors are very special gifts from God and I do not discredit their knowlege, but God is the master physician! another cool thing is Grayson turns three this Friday! What a miracle that is to be celebrating his third birthday! We are moving to a whole new lifestyle here at the Hill's. We are looking at big boy beds for him as well as starting a preschool program, new schedules and less sickness!! So please keep us in your prayers because it is working! Happy New Year friends!

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