Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Blessings

It has been a while since I have posted on here, and I have to say it is only because I have become so busy that trying to find the time has been a challenge! Their is lots to update and it's all good:) so here we go! We are in the final days of our home therapy with First Steps, we only have 1 month left and I am really going to miss all of my team who have been with us since we brought Grayson home from the NICU, this is such a bitter sweet feeling because I am nervous about the changes, but soooo proud of him for being able to complete this program! Grayson was not given much credit and our doctors didn't think he would make it very far in life, so here we are turning three in a month and moving out of his home therapy to a therapy center, as well as looking at preschool! His neurologist and pulmanologist were so pleased with his progress in the last few months and it looks like we will do another sleep study in the spring to find out if there is any apnea. If there isn't we can thake out the trach! Just saying that makes me smile:) what a great life for him not to have that thing anymore, I mean you do get used to it (sort of) but it is never something you want long term. The new leg and back braces are NOT his favorite, matter of fact he hates them! I keep saying he will get used to them, but so far not so keep him in your prayers, that he will learn to like them! As for the rest of my gang, we are just looking forward to Christmas and the break that comes with it! I really want to enjoy this season and be grateful that we are all here together and we have made it another year:) Its truly a miracle in my eyes, with what Grayson went throught this past summer with his kidneys it could have been very different, and I am going to enjoy all the moments that I can! Merry Christmas!!

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