Sunday, January 16, 2011

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I am really tired of looking at brown half melted snow and dreaming of the days that about 75 degrees outside! I feel like that this is the year that taking Grayson to do some really fun things can really happen. Last year I was still very nervous about exposing him to germs and sick people that we stayed in pretty much everyday, no matter what the weather. So this is a new year and he is like a new

kid! Turning three has been so huge for him, it's like he knows that he is supposed to be doing bigger things now:) All the literature that I have read on Sotos Syndrome says that age three through five is huge in their development so I can not wait to see what that means for him.
Well, the birthday party was a huge success! He loved all the fun things that we did and even participated in cake and presents, I never know if he will be interested in things or not, and he was! We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party and he loved looking at the balloons. This week is big for us, we will meet with the school system finally, we had to cancel because of snow and finally we are meeting to get things rolling. I have found out that 2 days a week we will have a preschool teacher come to our house and do homeschooling with him. I have got probably everything that a preschool would have here at home so I am hoping to learn a lot from watching her in creative ways to use it so that he can learn from me as well. He trucks over mommy pretty easily, so maybe this teacher can stand her ground and him not get one over on
We also met with our kidney doctor and things are stable:) He said that there was really no improvement, but there were no signs of negative change either, so that is a good report in my eyes, we'll take it! Next month is his eye stints and then in March we have an MRI of his brain and spine. When Grayson was born there were concerns of a teathered spinal cord, and we couldn't really do anything about it until he grew enough to see if he would grow out of it. Well, he's grown and now it's time to address that issue again (yuck). My prayers are that the spine is fine, and the brain has shown improvement, I can't get wrapped up in what a teathered cord could mean, because I know that surgery is the only repair. NO THANKS! So we'll see, and then we'll do whatever he needs. On a funnier note, Grayson has learned to take his leg braces off! Now, I can barely get them on him and the little stinker has figured out a way to get them off without my help, and with shoes overtop of's crazy! He may not be up running around like a typical 3 year old but I am definately running around keeping him out of trouble like a typical 3 year old!LOL He is definately a toddler, and I love it!

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