Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Since my last post we have made some big decisions. First, we have decided not to do the mandible(jaw) surgery on Grayson. After talking with another mother who's son had it done, doing lots of researching on the internet, speaking to his speach therapist as well as his neurologist the decision is to give him about another year to see if he grows and his face shape changes enough to take care of the issue. Basically we are praying that God will give him a good growth spurt! I have made peace with this decision because most of all we listened and waited for the Lord to guide us, I knew I was not able to do this surgery and I knew that if I were patient it would be revealed why, and it was:) Sooo, we keep the trach (sigh), but we also don't put Grayson through a very painful and stressful surgery that very well may not have been right for him!
Now on to the new stuff, we met with our new orthopedic doctor today. He was very impressed with how well Grayson could hold his head up and support his weight on his legs. We went knowing he would write for leg braces, but we didn't know was that he would recommend a back brace too. I feel conflicted on this only because I did not want my child to need braces on any part of his body, but I also know how much they can help him. What was so great was our doctor says to me, "these will get him walking quicker." I nearly fell over! I was standing there and I just wanted to hug him! He didn't say these MAY help him walk, or that IF Grayson ever walks these might help, he said the words WILL WALK!! I love that:) So I made the decision to be thankful once again. He doesn't have to wear either of them all the time, which will be easier on everyone (especially when traveling to all his appointments and therapy). I will keep everyone updated on the amazing progress that we see!

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