Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Living on faith

Faith is a word that I use to just throw out there very lightly. It has taken on a whole new meaning now. We as a family have to live by our faith. Faith that God will meet our needs emotionally, spiritually, financially, and with our health especially. If it weren't for faith I would probably be nuts by now...I am probably a little bit nuts now and then(LOL). But the truth is with our family there are times you feel very out of control and all you have is faith. When we go to the hospital there is so much reality that it makes it difficult to say all the time that your faith is enough, because its tested so strongly there. As much as our doctors don't want to say to us the health issues that Grayson has we want to hear them even less! I am trying to always remember that God is the master physician, and that even though these very smart (sometimes intimidating) doctors are saying negative health over Grayson that I know that God is bigger than all the sickness and health issues. Don't get me wrong we have great doctors that take very good care of him, I know that they are doing their job by telling us what they see, it just hurts! We knew very early that Grayson had some kidney problems. The issues are grade 5 (highest level) kidney reflux, as well as some very large kidney stones. These two combined are very dangerous if there is a UTI. This is why we were in the hospital treating this infection with 2 different IV meds. The reflux continually lets infection flow back up into the kidneys even if it has gone down into the bladder already. This can cause kidney damage. We keep getting told about 2 different procedures and they both stink! One is a vesecostomy, and the other is a ureterostomy. We want neither, the other option is to do home catheters on him which I would do myself(yuck). These three options would keep the big kidney surgery at bay so that he can grow and it will be much safer for him to have it done. The big kidney surgery is to repair the reflux, and go in and get the stones out. This sounds easy, but we are learning that nothing is easy when it comes to kidneys. So back to faith, we are praying that our faith in God to do miracles will completely heal all his kidney issues. Shockingly his kidneys work very well, so that leads me to believe that we can keep up with what we have been doing and wait for our miracle to happen! It's so easy to only believe what we see with our eyes to be true, but we have seen miracles before and I can't just stop trusting in that, its not the popular thing to do, but for me the alternative is not an option at all! When it comes to your kids you will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and healthy, and faith has to be a part of that. We as parents we don't get little instuction books with our kids, and with children with special needs there is even less to read. So I am going to trust in the word of God that says on earth as it is in heaven. Well there is no sickness, infections, syndromes, trachs,disabilities or pain in heaven, so that is my little instruction book.

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