Thursday, July 15, 2010

New adventures

We started our new therapy today! This is extremely exciting because I have been fighting to get this therapy since January! I was concerned that being in a new place with a unfamiliar person making him work would create a meltdown, but he did awesome! I say its because she was a young pretty blonde, but who Next week he will get xrays of his hips and legs then measured for his new leg braces. I have mixed emotions about this, because I know they will help him, but I hate the fact that he needs them. It really isn't a big deal, I am just glad we live in a country where our special kids can get these things to help them! I want to reward him for all the great accomplishments he is making, but I am still trying to figure out how to do that, he doesn't eat ice cream, and he's so stinkin picky about his toys! I will figure something out. Also, I have decided to homeschool him for his first year of preschool. This was a huge decision for us, I know that everyone says to get your kids out for all sorts of reasons, but I know that he is not ready for preschool 3 days a week. His lungs are not used to that kind of germ exposure. With a trach you get infections soooo easy and its not worth a set back when we are so close to trach removal. God has really been working on me lately, I am finally back in a place where I am listening for his voice instead of relying only on man's opinion.(not easy!) So I say thank you God for allowing me to be a bonehead and loving me anyway, even when I am angry with you and the way you handle things.(he still loves me:))

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