Sunday, September 12, 2010

These are some of my favorite things

It has been a crazy summer! Instead of posting a blog about all the things that I wish were different in my life I am going to post a blog about the things that are perfect in my life. My life is just as it is supposed to be. My husband, my kids and I are together, we have a home, we have cars, well sassy is a van (named very properly) lol, we have food, our dog is being overly loved at my parents house until we can bring him back home to us, I have the greatest friends who love me in spite of myself, and most of all we have our faith! As much as I want to fall apart on some days we are so fortunate to have this thing we call life. It is very fragile and precious! So here are a few things that I love about my life, first that I am still able to laugh at the littlest things, the fact that my husband is still the funniest guy I know, my two older boys love and adore their baby brother and would do anything for him with no complaining, my brother thinks I am a hero, I love my in-laws:) and they love me too:), my parents treat my kids as good as they treated me, God gave me a love for baking like my grandma:), I got to have a very special little boy who taught me to fight for everything that I believed in even if it sounds nuts, I get to live in a country that allows me to love Jesus in public and not be killed for it, and most of all I have faith. Faith that no matter what man's opinion is of me and my life, that with God all things are possible.

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