Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why was I created?

The other day I checked on my blog info and it said that 267 people had read my blog that month. Now if you look at the number of people who technically follow our family's blog there are 3 listed. So that means 264 people read our stories and I have no idea who they The interesting thing about this is that you never know who is watching you, or who is paying attention to your actions as a person, mother, christain, volunteer, or whatever it is that you do. Last week at our YadaYada prayer group(funny yet very appropriately named) we were asked, "why were you created?" I have never really thought about this. Up until 2 years and 9 months ago I knew a very different life. I worked full time, I made a very nice living, I went shopping all the time, we took trips, I wore a size 6/! By the way I would really like to get back to that size..haha, we went out to dinner every week, my husband and I spent a lot of time together, I rarely missed anything that my boys did and I drove and very nice little car:) Fast forward 2 years and 9 months...I now work very part time which shockingly I like:) I almost never shop which I miss only a little, I am not a size 6/, I have developed a love for baking that I knew was in there but never had the time to do it (which probably explains why I am not a 6/8)lol, my kids come home to their mom everyday as well as a cooked meal (most of the time) I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have been out for dinner in the last 2years, as far as trips go, that hasn't happened yet, but I sure hope it does soon! I drive a minivan!!!! So as far as why was I created, I think it changes...often. My family has had our lives completely transformed, our needs changed the minute that Grayson was born. What we thought was going to be was not, it was soooo much more! As far as I am concerned for the better, even though my life is harder than it has ever been, my strength as a mom, wife, friend, and most of all an example of a christian is more than it has ever been. I always try to be very real in my blogs, I will never sugar coat my life, it's not perfect nor am I. But God has a plan, it is so cliche' but it's true. I don't always understand his ways, but ya know maybe I am not supposed to. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to truly ask yourself "why were you created". I have answered why I think mine is, and I choose not to reveal it in my blog, because I want whoever you are to not be pursuaded by any answere that I give. Be honest with yourself, and I would love to hear your answeres if you are comfortable with that. Post is to me personally on facebook, or here on the reply area of this blog. God made you with a purpose and a reason, reguardless of any disabilities or hardships you may face. We never know who is watching us and why they think we were created may really surprise you!

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